1. Poodles are extremely intelligent, second only to the Border Collie and adaptable.
  2. The standard Poodle was utilized for duck hunting.
  3. The miniature’s job was to sniff out truffles in the wood.
  4. The Toy Poodles had it the easiest as companions to nobility and the wealthy merchant class.
  5. Highly personable. People oriented. Gentle, cuddly, delightful and clever temperament.
  6. Poodles are the best therapy dogs for elderly, infirmed or handicapped.
  7. Small Poodles do not need big area for exercise because of their small size .
  8. There have been tons of celebrity poodle owners including Picasso, Liz Taylor, Marie Antoinette and Patrick Swayze.
  9. Breed of choice for many allergy sufferers.
  10. Poodles are generally affectionate, but can take a while to warm up to new people.
  11. The colour of a poodle’s coat will often change from what it is as a puppy.
  12. When a pup keeps the same colour, it is known as “holding”
  13. When the coat fades or lightens to another colour, it is known as clearing”.
  14. Your poodle’s hair will become brassy or yellow as she matures. This is a natural part of the aging process.
  15. Like Humans, a poodle’s hair doesn’t have a genetically determined length. It will just keep growing.
  16. At 9 months old, the coat of the Toy Poodle will change over to their adult coat, then the process takes around 9 months.
  17. Adult poodles sleep approximately 13 hours a day.
  18. One of most common reasons for a Toy poodle to bark is “trigger Barking’. This term means that something is causing your pooch to bark.
  19. Poodles tend to have more hair in their ears that other dog breeds. Make sure to keep your poodle’s ears groomed.
  20. This breed also has particularly weepy eyes and to avoid stains gently wipe the face daily with a washcloth.
  21. Demands grooming on regular basis.
  22. They can be fragile and may not be suitable in homes with very small children.