Guanjun poodle and Poodle Pup go to New Home Care

About GuanJun

We are a very small Toy Poodle breeder and only breed Red Toy Poodle. We are members of Dog NSW https://www.dogsnsw.org.au/ and members of Poodle club of NSW. We agree and abide by its Constitution and Regulations. This includes: The Register & Registration and Code of Ethics. We register all puppies in a litter and provide the Certificates of Registration & Pedigree to all new owners.

We reside at Sydney area.

We don’t breed often but when we do we are very selective on the pedigrees. We love our red poodle and strive to improve the quality of the colour throughout our selection process. The Red colour will fade along with the aging of the dog. This is natural and normal process of aging poodles. Our goal is to improve the redness. The temperament of the dogs is just as important as the colour to us. Our bitches are most gracious, affectionate and loving poodles.

Our poodles live with us once they are born. They interact with all sort of human actives. They are sensible, understanding, playful and calm when the time comes.

We are very choosy about our puppies’ potential future home, to ensure the health and their happiness.

Poodle (Toy) Standard

Group 7 (Non Sporting)
The Standard of the Poodle (Toy) is the same as that of the Poodle (Standard) and Poodle (Miniature) except that the height at shoulder should be
under 28 cm (11 ins)
A very active, intelligent, well balanced and elegant looking dog with good temperament, carrying himself very proudly.
Good temperament. (Also refer to Characteristics).
Head And Skull:
Long and fine with slight peak at the back. The skull not broad and with a moderate stop. Foreface strong and well chiselled, not falling away under the
eyes; bones and muscle flat. Lips tight fitting. Chin well defined, but not protruding. The whole head must be in proportion to the size of the dog.
Almond shaped, dark, not set too close together, full of fire and intelligence.
The leather long and wide, low set on, hanging close to the face.
Teeth – white, strong, even, with scissor bite. A full set of 42 teeth is desirable.
Well proportioned, of good length and strong to admit of the head being carried high and with dignity. Skin fitting tightly at the throat.
Shoulders – strong and muscular, sloping well to the back, legs set straight from the shoulders, well muscled.
Chest – deep and moderately wide. Ribs – well sprung and rounded. Back – short, strong slightly hollowed, loins broad and muscular.
Thighs well developed and muscular, well bent stifles, well let down hocks, hind legs turning neither in nor out.
Pasterns strong, tight feet proportionately small, oval in shape, turning neither in nor out, toes arched, pads thick and hard, well cushioned.
Docked: Set on rather high, well carried at a slight angle away from the body, never curled or carried over the back, thick at the root.
Undocked: Thick at root, set on rather high, carried away from the body and as straight as possible.
Sound, free movement and light gait are essential.
Very profuse and dense of good harsh texture without knots or tangles. All short hair close, thick and curly. It is strongly recommended that the
traditional lion clip be adhered to.
All solid colours. White and cream poodles to have black nose, lips and eyerims, black toenails desirable, brown poodles to have dark amber eyes, dark
liver nose, lips, eyerims and toenails. Apricot poodles to have dark eyes with black points or deep amber eyes with liver points. Black, silver and blue
poodles to have black nose, lips, eyerims and toenails. Cream, apricot, brown, silver and blue poodles may show varying shades of the same colour up
to 18 months. Clear colours preferred.

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact
proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.
Heavy build, clumsiness.
Vicious temperament.
Coarse head, lippiness, snipy in foreface.
Flesh coloured nose.
Light or round or prominent eyes.
Over or undershot or pincer mouth.
Long back, coarse legs and feet, long flat toes.
Bad carriage, heavy gait.
Open soft coats with no curl.
Particolours –
White markings on black or coloured poodles.
Lemon or other markings on white poodles.
Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Want to know more, please visit https://www.dogsnsw.org.au/Breeds/breed-standards/90/Poodle-(Standard)/


GuanJun Poodle Pup Go to New Home

When they first arrive home your puppy will probably feel a little apprehensive and will be missing the companionship of his/her mother and littermates. To make this transition stress – free, allow the pup to explore their new surroundings without too much interference or noise. They are used to being in a small playpen particularly at night, and will settle on a soft mat, blanket or towel. If it is a cold weather make sure they will sleep in a warm environment. Dog electric heating pad or hot water bottle are also good to settle them.  You can also put a wee pad on one side of playpen, your puppy knows where to do wee and poo.

Children should be reminded that the new puppy needs lots of love and also rest therefore should not be over handled. Any other family pets should be introduced to the new arrival slowly and under close supervision. It may be advisable to introduce the puppy on another day – away from the house.